The Book of Blood and Shadow: I've read 75%

The Book of Blood and Shadow - Robin Wasserman

It's about a treasure hunt. And who doesn't love a treasure hunt? :)


Lots of lists, though.


Example: "There were store selling colored crystal; stores selling knockoff watches, knockoff handbags, knockoff shoes; stores selling presumably bootleg CDs; stores selling matryoshka dolls painted with the faces of presidents, soccer players, movie stars, and, most prevalently, Michael Jackson; stores selling cheap jewelry; stores selling thick Bavarian pretzels and sugared dough roasting on a spit; and most of all, stores selling puppets, their blank wooden faces staring dully through the glass, their limbs contorted by tangled strings, their lips painted into smiles or roars, tears or freckles dotting their apple cheeks - rows and rows of puppet girls and puppet boys, menaced by puppet dragons, wooed by puppet princes, tempted by puppet devils."


I had to surface for air a couple of times while reading this, but fun. :)