Lord Byron on Why You Shouldn’t Apply Make-up in the Dark

Lord Byron: Poems. Selected by Paul Muldoon - Paul Muldoon, George Gordon Byron

My synopsis of Lord Byron’s poem “Darkness:” Planet Earth is in trouble. The sun goes out. Plants are dying. There’s nothing to eat. People burn everything they could for light and warmth. And then, after everyone is dead, two last women approach the last fire and look at each other…and die from laughing after they see how badly they applied make-up in all this dark.


Okay, okay, I’m joking. It’s two last men who come up to the fire. No make-up involved. Unfortunately. And I’m still not sure what the moral of this poem is. Transcendental doom and gloom? However, the poem does relay feelings of hopelessness and terror and darkness brilliantly because Lord Byron is, of course, an amazing poet. :)