If a Male Fairy Dumps His Female Fairy Wife, How Many Bunnies Does That Make?


I know this sounds like a bad math problem, but this is literally the plot of Sally Gardner’s Operation Bunny. Don’t believe me? Here is the book’s synopsis as per moi: a girl named Emily Vole must fight an evil fairy named Harpella,* who single-handedly wiped out the majority of the fairy population on earth. The surviving fairies detach their apparently detachable wings and live as humans in perpetual fear of Harpella finding them and stuffing their wings down their throats killing them. The brave Emily bravely fights and defeats the fairy Hitler, I mean Harpella, who, it turns out, was killing the fairies because she was mad at her husband because he had abandoned her because...okay, it didn’t say why he’d left her. Must be her name. What I don’t get, though, is why Harpella wanted to kill all the fairies instead of, let’s say, just killing her husband? This must be some hardcore fairy logic because I don’t get it.


And the bunnies? Oh, yes, Harpella turned some pesky humans into pink bunnies. Why pink? Maybe to really rub it in. The end.


*This name is so appalling I actually like it. So I’m guessing it’s harpy + Cinderella + all the patriarchal luggage these two words have acquired during their existence = a serial killer in a children’s book published in 2012. You just can’t beat this. :)