I found some (new) favourite booktubers!

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Lately I've found some (new) awesome booktubers, so I thought let's share them with you! Here are they:


♥ booklovingJess  

♥ TheBookHoarder

♥ BookEscapism  

♥ Haily Hearts NYC

♥ dreamsbookscourage

♥ Sarah Sunbeemz

♥ Bookish Nook 

♥ climbthestacks


I found TheBookHoarder a while ago, but I've never mentioned her before and she has become one of my favourite booktuber! Here's my older blogpost about my favourite booktubers: click and they still are my favourites as well! I know many of you know the ones on that list, but not on this list so that's why I wanted to share them!


Have you discovered new booktubers lately?