Where to Get a Bra During Apocalypse

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken

I really like The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. It’s intriguing; it’s fast-paced. I’m almost halfway through the book.


One detail threw me for a spin, though. It was when the protagonist named Ruby told us that her guards – well, it’s a concentration camp for paranormally gifted children – anyway, her guards gave bras to her and all the other girls once the girls reached the age when they needed said bras. This dumbfounded me. I mean, maybe I heard too much about Soviet concentration camps, but really, bras for thousands of inmates in a concentration camp? More so, how could they possibly find well-fitting bras for thousands of girls? Did they measure the girls? It’s hard to find a well-fitting bra even if you can shop for it yourself, in my opinion.


Anyhow, the bra thing sounded strange, but I kept on reading…


…and it turned out that the entire US in the book is in a deep-deep-deep trouble. The country defaulted on the national debt and is now broke. People are rioting. The government is barely functioning. And yet, the guards at Ruby’s concentration camp managed to scare up thousands of bras. How? Where did they get them? I don’t know. But I bet Alexandra Bracken knows. Perhaps we should ask her, in case apocalypse actually happens and we’ll need some bras… :)